The Youth Day of Service (YDoS) is an annual pan-African youth-led social impact campaign that begins on August 12 every year, which is also ‘International Youth Day’ and lasts from August 12th to August 31st. The YDoS is designed to ignite the agency and creativity of young people across Africa toward sustainable development and promote a culture of communal
support and community development. The monthly campaign fosters the spirit of volunteerism within the youth population and communities continuously. The campaign
theme for this year’s YDOS is ‘Youthful and Useful.’

The LEAP Africa Youth Day of Service is open to all young Africans between the ages of 15 and 35 who are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

To register, please visit the home page and click on Register a Project. You can choose to either register a project or volunteer on an existing project.

No, you do not need to pay to register a project. Taking part in the Youth Day of Service is completely free.

The Project lead is responsible for the following:

  • Designing a project that solves a specific challenge in your community. The project must address at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Registering this project on the YDoS website; sourcing for volunteers who will also be required to register on the YDOS Website
  • Initiating communication with all volunteers on the project. Project leads can do this virtually by creating a separate WHatsApp or Telegram group.
  • Inspiring volunteers to action by explaining the project scope to all volunteers so that they have a full understanding of what the project
  • Capturing and sharing high-quality pictures of your project with the YDoS team
  • Writing and submitting the project report. Please see report template here
  • Nominating their project and exceptional volunteers for the YDoS Awards

We do not encourage project leads to do this. We would like you to think about ways to solve a challenge in your community

The Youth Day of Service starts on the 12th of August and ends on the 31st of August. During this time, all project leads and volunteers will execute their projects across Africa.

The Youth Day of Service is about harnessing the energy and creativity of the youth to actualize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Please visit the resource library on the YDOS website to learn about all the projects you can undertake.

No, you will not get paid for implementing a project. However, if your project is outstanding, you stand a chance to receive a YDoS Champion Award at the end of the YDoS.

You are allowed to lead numerous projects during the month of action. However, we believe it would be so much more fun to get your family and friends to get involved!

No, you cannot volunteer for numerous projects as a project lead. This is because we would like you to focus on delivering excellent projects and being involved in numerous projects can distract you from this.

Yes to that! We encourage you to get on board multiple teams that interest you and engage on more than one more project for the 21days of action!

We are excited that you have decided to volunteer your tools, time, and talents. All volunteers will receive certificates to show their active participation on the Youth Day of Service

You can choose your preferred project by visiting the YDoS website and clicking on volunteer for a project. All the registered projects will be displayed for you to choose from

Your project will be visible to potential volunteers on the website, and they can choose to volunteer with you. You can also broadcast your project to your friends, family, and colleagues and ask them to volunteer. However, they must do this through the YDoS website. I.e. they must visit the YDoS website and register to volunteer for your project.

You will get a list of everyone who volunteered for your project, and you can choose to create a Telegram/WhatsApp channel for easy communication.

Upon registration on the website, a telegram channel link for project leads and volunteers will be shared with you. A member of the LEAP Africa YDoS team will engage with you daily on
this channel.

We do not advise volunteers to do this. We would like you to experience ease while working with your project lead, and traveling to another country might be difficult. In addition, the
cost of transportation will not be covered by LEAP Africa.

Unfortunately, LEAP Africa will not provide all the funds for all projects. We encourage you to design projects that do not require large sums of money to implement and also to leverage crowdfunding and partnerships to execute your project.

LEAP Africa will share the designs for the YDoS merchandise with all project leads and volunteers before the programme commences, and you are expected to use the designs on
your shirts and tote bags for your project.

There are many benefits to participating in the LEAP Africa Youth Day of Service.Volunteers will have the opportunity to:

  • Make a difference in their communities
  • Learn new skills and gain valuable experience.
  • Network with other young people who are passionate about social change
  • Gain valuable experience in the field of development

Please note that participation in the YDoS does not guarantee a job with LEAP Africa.
However, you can join our global community of volunteers, which allows you to contribute your skills, talents, and expertise within one of our units. To explore our volunteer development initiatives, you can visit our careers website

Youth Day of Service (YDoS) is an annual week-long, Pan-African youth-led social impact campaign that is celebrated alongside the UN International Youth Day which begins on August 12 every year. YDoS is designed to ignite the agency and creativity of young people across Africa towards community/sustainable development. The goal of the YDoS is to activate youth voices, renew the spirit of active citizenship and promote a culture of service within Africa’s Youth. The theme for the YDOS is ‘Youthful and Useful.’
Two simple steps! You can choose to register a project or volunteer on an existing project. For more information click here
As a volunteer you can carry out different community-based projects that other people can join, such as cleaning of a local environment, providing welfare and safety kits to underserved communities, painting the walls of a school, educating a group of women on sexual health, paying the tuition fees of students, organising a webinar to support SMEs, and many more. All YDoS projects will happen on the 12th of August, 2021 and no later than 18th August 2021. Please check out our guide on project ideas for more information on the type of project you could initiate for YDoS. To register, visit our website and click on the “get involved’ icon, and sign up by filling in the required details.
Yes. All interested project leads must register their projects on or before July 10th, 2021. Please note that the registration exercise is ongoing.
You can volunteer to be a part of various amazing projects on our website by visiting here. You will be able to search by location and by Sustainable Development Goal area.
No prior volunteering experience is needed to participate in the Youth Day of Service. All you need is a heart to serve, head and hands to collaborate with other people.
As a volunteer, your first point of contact is with LEAP Africa. Once you sign up to volunteer or register for a project, you will receive a welcome email containing all the necessary information including the link to join the YDoS Virtual Community. All Volunteers will also receive a private link to connect with Project Leads/ Volunteers on their chosen projects
We like to keep it simple. You are eligible to volunteer if you are passionate about the SDGs, willing to give back to your community and join an amazing network of youth African changemakers.
Everyone young person in Africa between the ages of 15 -35 can volunteer.
Yes. Please note that registration for all interested volunteers begins on July 1st and ends by August 10th, 2021. No late registrations will be accepted.
Definitely! However, they are encouraged to officially register on the volunteer portal so that we can capture all necessary details.
This is your choice. You can decide to volunteer for more than one project within your location if they are to be executed on separate days and you will be committed to participating in both projects. However, we would encourage you to select just one project and be focused on ensuring its success with other members of your team.
This is really up to you. You can find volunteering opportunities that only take a few hours per day but should not exceed one week i.e. 12th – 18th of August, 2022.
Most certainly! LEAP Africa will issue E-certificates to all participants of the Youth Day of Service as a way of acknowledging and appreciating the work they have done in the program. These certificates will be accessed through emails that will be sent at the completion of the program.
LEAP Africa working with certain resource partners has made available some subgrants for projects implemented across Africa. Kindly apply here. Unfortunately, not all projects will receive subgrants/ financial assistance from LEAP Africa. We encourage all volunteers to pursue resource partnerships, and crowdfunding efforts & carry out projects within the financial capacity of their groups.
We have created a health & safety kit for all volunteers on how to stay safe, and you can access it on our website here. In the meantime, if you are feeling sick or having signs of high fever, please stay home and rest.
LEAP Africa will not be providing letterheads for any form of fundraising and partnerships towards the YDoS. However, we would encourage all volunteers to apply the fundraising and financial management tips provided in the Volunteer Toolkit on our website.
You can learn more about the Youth Day of Service on our website: https://youthdayofservice.org/
Please speak to ydos team via the chat box on the website or write to ydos@leapafrica.org for any further questions that you may have.